Best Mother’s Day Gifts in Oxford, Mississippi


It’s often said that the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. But moms rarely remember the profound influence they have in the lives of those they love. So I’ve created this shopping guide for the best Mother’s Day gifts in Oxford, Mississippi to help you more easily appreciate the women in your life who tirelessly serve and generously give so much of themselves.

Whether you’re shopping for the best Mother’s Day gift for a first time mom, a long time grandmother, or yourself (a girl’s gotta help her husband!), I’ve filled this guide with clickable links for the most amazing places to shop – and thoughtful gifts to buy – for Mother’s Day.

And guess what makes these businesses extra special? They’re all female-owned and local to Oxford, Mississippi. Mothers supporting mothers??!!! That’s a huge win in my book!

Best Mother’s Day Gifts: A Rejuvinating Spa Day at Live Well Therapeutic

Live Well Therapeutic is relaxation at its finest. As soon as you open the door, you’re greeted with the smell of aromatherapy that washes a calming peace over your soul and welcomes you to relax. Live Well prides themselves in helping all clients by supporting their total health – mind, body, and spirit. They offer a variety of wellness services to alleviate pain, anxiety, and depression, along with treatments for skin care and body sculpting.

Shireen Mullink, owner of Live Well Therapeutic, says their most popular Mother’s Day gift package is Mom’s Vacay, which includes a 30 minute stretch therapy session, a 1 hour massage, a 30 minute facial, a 30 minute infrared sauna, and a delicious fizzy drink from the apothecary bar.

Massage & stretch therapy provide long term health benefits to keep all moms moving in the right direction both figuratively & literally. All of their esthetician & body sculpting services bring beauty and confidence to clients.

Live Well’s apothecary bar provides a plethora of options designed to get busy moms on the path to wellness. Even after you’ve left Live Well, the infared sauna & apothecary bar continue to provide a wealth of health benefits.

Mom Gifts Oxford Mississippi

As far as products go, moms love their CBD Clinic Pain Relief Ointment Level 5 and their Nomz energy bites, which are completely organic.

The friendly staff at Live Well Therapeutic welcomes everyone to come in to pause for some much needed revitalization and restoration this Mother’s Day.

Mom Gifts Oxford Mississippi

Best Mother’s Day Gifts: Handmade Plant-Based Soap Products from Magnolia Soap and Bath

Magnolia Soap and Bath Co Oxford believes that beauty shouldn’t be detrimental to your health. That’s why they are committed to using only naturally grown, domestically sourced ingredients that have felt and seen the sun. Plant-based ingredients are the staple in every recipe from handmade soaps to shower steamers.

mom gifts Oxford Mississippi

Mary Grace Chaney, manager of Magnolia Soap and Bath Co in Oxford, Mississippi, says that the Soap Trio Box is Magnolia’s most popular Mother’s Day gift. The Soap Trio Box includes a handmade soap, bath bomb, and shower steamer in a beautifully giftwrapped box. The Soap Trio Box is completely customizable for that special mom in your life and takes the guesswork out of gifting and giftwrapping for Mother’s Day.

Oxford Mississippi Newborn Photographer

Moms also love Magnolia Soap and Bath’s Liquid Gold Serum, which can be used on every part of your body. From split ends to chapped lips to dry cuticles, this serum is truly liquid gold! Moms even use this serum for dark circles under their eyes and on a lash spoolie to encourage eyelash growth. No mom in your life should live without a bottle!

Other popular facial products for Mother’s Day gifts include the detoxifying charcoal mask and the brightening eye cream. The sleep deprived mama in your life will appreciate the reinvigorating power of Magnolia’s charcoal mask and the eye cream’s magical ability to reduce dark circles.

magnolia soap and bath co Oxford

Last but not least, Magnolia Soap and Bath’s laundry wash is a favorite among moms. This fabulous detergent replaces bleach, fabric softener, and dryer sheets and can be personalized in store with any scent. Magnolia’s most popular scents for laundry detergent include Magnolia and Vanity and are available in both small and large sizes perfect for pampering the amazing mom in your life.

magnolia soap and bath laundry wash

Best Mother’s Day Gifts: Memories for Mom

As a photographer, I’ve always treasured freezing moments in time with the tap of a shutter… a 500th of a second snapshot that would otherwise never be documented. But as a mother, that desire is exponetially more important because I truly realize how rare it is for me to actually be in front of the camera. I’m sure the same is true for the sweet mamas in your life.

That’s why a photography session is always a special way to celebrate this messy yet magical journey we call motherhood. My passion at Legacy Photography is to provide a pampering experience for every mama that strolls into my studio.

From hair and makeup to wardrobe and styling, I take care of everything so you can show up in your messy bun and relax. I’m also committed to preserving a mother’s legacy through custom designed story walls and heirloom albums. Gift certificates are available for the sentimental mama in your life.

Oxford Mississippi Newborn Photographer

Would you like to enjoy some pampering from these three incredible businesses just in time for Mother’s Day? Then click over to Instagram or Facebook for your chance to win Mother’s Day gifts valued at over $1000. Best of luck to you, amazing mama! And Happy Mother’s Day!










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